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Whether you run a Bowling Center, Pro Shop, are the Mechanic or Lane Man Bobs' Business is your partner for the future of bowling.

Now more than ever, where you buy matters, and no distributor does more for the future of bowling than Bobs' Business, Inc.”

Bobs' Business Highlights

  • Has helped create over 35,000 Youth Bowlers
  • Has the most Kegel Level II Technicians of any company in the world, including Kegel themselves
  • Service Contracts, Emergency Repair Service, On Site Training, and home of the best A-2 Pinsetter School in the Industry, we work on all Kegel Lane Machines, A-2, and GS pinsetters.
  • Genuine Parts, get the part you ordered, in the condition and brand you ordered it in
    • We don't substitute part numbers, items, used, or generic items, if you order "Brand A" you get "Brand A", if you order "Brand C" you get "Brand C"..... You will get what you ordered from Bobs' Business.
  • Has the Largest 1 Day Ground Shipping Area in the Midwest
  • Authorized Distributor for over 75 Bowling Brands
  • Does not drop ship nor provide any discounts to E-commerce websites
    • Bobs' Business doesn't sell to any online shopping sites
      • E-commerce sites have had a negative effect on Pro Shops and League Bowling
  • Led the fight, and efforts to get price protection policies from the manufacturers
  • The highest shipping accuracy rate of any distributor in the industry, and the most accurate inventory
    • Get the products you want when you want them, avoid unexpected surprises that are all to common when ordering from other sources in the industry
    • We have fewer shipping errors in a full year, than most distributors in the Bowling Industry do in one week!
  • The first distributor with:
    • Toll Free Ordering and Support 1974
    • 24/7 Ordering Night Owl Service™ 1974
    • Monthly Newsletter 1975
    • Online Ordering for Bowling Centers and Pro Shops 1998
    • Exploded view ordering for mechanics 2009
      • Exclusive Rights to the best parts search capability in the bowling industry. *

*Bobs' Business, Inc. Exploded View ordering is powered by Molon Labe Technologies

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